Friday, 28 December 2018

Roku Remote not Working? Try These Effective Steps

So you are going to sit on the couch after a long day’s hard work, ready to enjoy your favorite TV shows and refresh your mind. But what’s that? Your Roku Remote not working! Oops, the frustration comes again.

Fortunately, there are some easy workarounds to fix the issues related to a Roku Remote. Below is a list of troubleshooting steps which you can quickly perform. Read on.

Roku remote controls are of two main types namely the standard infrared (IR) remote and the Enhanced ‘point-everywhere’ remote. The standard Roku remote works like any other usual remote by shooting an infrared beam at the box consisting of a signal which the device interprets as an action. On the other hand, the Roku Enhanced remote makes use of Wi-Fi, so there is no need to point it directly at your Roku to make it work.

Talking about troubleshooting, there are some similarities as well as differences for both kinds of remote. However, troubleshooting is not as hard as you might think for both remotes.

Quick Tip: Before going further, try accessing website to verify that it is the remote which is actually not working rather than the internet connection.

Troubleshoot a Standard Roku Remote that isn’t Working
As mentioned earlier, the standard Roku remote utilizes an infrared or IR beam to send signals to the gadget. On the off chance that the remote doesn’t work in the way it should be, attempt these steps:
  • Notice the front of the box to check whether it sees the beam. The light should be visible if the box sees the infrared command. In the case of no flash, the culprit is the remote. Otherwise, when there is a flash and nothing happens, it could be the box.
  • The IR remote requires a direct signal that should be free from any type of obstructions to let the streaming player receive instructions. On the off chance there is anything blocking the signal, the remote won’t work.
  • Check the Roku connectivity on your device as it may happen the box is not working due to weak signals.
  • Another culprit that makes your Roku remote not working is dead or weak batteries. They can make the remote malfunction. In the case, remove the batteries from the remote and re-insert them.
  • If the remote is still not working, replace the batteries with new ones.
  • Place the Roku remote specifically before the box and press a button. In the event that the batteries are low however not void, the quality of the beam might be sufficient to reach the box. Replace the batteries if it works.
It may also happen that there is particular the volume button on your remote is not working. In this case, the remote is fine. Instead, there may have Roku sound problems.

Still having the issues with Roku standard remote? Don’t worry. Just take prompt Roku help from our experienced technicians by dialing our toll-free number 1-866-817-4499.

Troubleshoot a Roku Enhanced Remote that isn’t Working

You may know that an Enhanced remote utilizes Wi-Fi instead of infrared, so it requires you to perform a few extra troubleshooting steps. After following the aforementioned steps, go with the ones underneath:
  • Now, re-pair the remote. For this purpose, remove the batteries, power off Roku, leave it idle for a minute or two and then turn on the Roku.
  • Navigate to web address once the home screen appears.
  • Insert the new batteries to the remote.
  • Press and hold the button so that everything gets sync up and then reset.
  • Check the HDMI port. In case there is Roku no sound HDMI error, chances are that you may get some interference.
  • Check whether your internet connection is working or not. To do so, try accessing It is Roku online website which is very helpful in setting up your streaming player or smart TV.
  • Reboot your Roku device once.
None of the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps worked for you? The only solution left now is remote replacement. In case your remote is in warranty offer, replace it right away by directly going to webpage. If the remote is old, purchase a new one.

Looking for some other troubleshooting tips for Roku remote? Get in touch with our knowledgeable technicians and ask them for Roku support.


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